Artist Maki Horanai  

Maki’s Paintings Exhibited in New York City
August 2017

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Maki had been showing her work in Australia’s capital city of Canberra since 2009 when she was introduced to Paintbox Gallery owners, Steve and Anne Watson, by Janene Gardner and Mary Marks, the owners of Marks and Gardner Gallery on Tamborine Mountain. Maki had successful yearly exhibitions at Paintbox from 2009 thru 2013.  Steve and Anne closed their main gallery in 2014 but have occasional popup shows and decided to take part in the New York Art Fair in August, 2017, showing the paintings of four Australian artists, Maki among them.  Maki had four works in the show and they sold quickly. Prints of the paintings – signed and numbered editions on canvas or simple prints on handmade paper – are available by contacting us.


“destination of voice”

“door to every day”

“following the floating          cloud